RICHE LA PALETTE NUDE 1 by L'Oreal Paris: Eye shadow Palette Review

Riche LA Palette Nude 1 eye shadow palette from L'Oreal Paris. Good nude palette for beginners and more advanced makeup users. This palette has a mixture of mattes, shimmers, and sateen finishes with colors ranging from off white to dark brown. The shadows are not named except by a corresponding number on the back of the palette, so I will attempt to describe the shades for you. Shades are able to be built up from light to dark (meaning: the light shades come off as not very pigmented, but they can be built up to their true color). There is no smell to this palette, so it's perfect for those of  us who are scent sensitive. For beginners this palette has 4 short step-by-step looks that you can follow on the back (simple but useful). This palette can be bought here:
Now lets take a look at the palette 🌻

Colors 1 through 5:
From right to left- #1 Off white (shimmer), #2 Pale champagne gold (shimmer), #3 Light brown w/light pink (matte), #4 Yellow golden (shimmer), #5 Medium brown w/yellowish  undertones (matte). These shadows are a little powdery, but not enough to be worth worrying about. Some need to be built up for the colors full effect.

Colors 6 through 10:
From right to left- #6 Dark brown (matte) w/redish undertones, #7 Copper/Dark gold (light shimmer), #8 Dark brown (sateen), #9 Silver (light shimmer), #10 Golden/Silver (shimmer). The dark colors are strong and don't need a lot for the full effect, it's best to use them with a light hand.


This is a nice drugstore nude palette for a reasonable price at $19.99. For someone just getting into makeup the L'Oreal LA Palette line is good to experiment with. And for those who just love makeup and are looking for an affordable nude palettes similar in color range to the Lorac Pro palette, these are good alternatives. There are two palettes in this range which can be bought here...the Nude 1 and Nude 2 each palette has 10 shadows.
I have not tried the Nude 2 palette, though it looks to be nice shades, but if it's the same formula it should be just as good as Nude 1.
Comment down below your thoughts and/or questions. Lets get a conversation started 🌷
What's your current favorite eye shadow palette?


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