URBAN DECAY: Naked Heat Palette Review

The new Urban Decay Naked Heat palette is Here! The texture, colors, performance, and usefulness review for the new UD Naked Heat is what this post will cover. Along with pictures of swatches and a created look using the palette. I don't know about you but I have been wanting this palette from the moment the UD team posted a pic of it on Instagram 👀🌻!  This was surprising for me since I never have been into the original naked palettes and the only one I bought before I took back. Even with early access it still was a long wait for this. NOW, WAS IT WORTH THE WAIT???
Well...Lets take a look from the outside in and see if the UD Naked Heat is all it's heated up to be. (pun intended) 😊

Swatches full palette and half-half:
From right to left - Ounce is a nice light gold shimmer w/a hint of rose, Chaser is a matte beige color, Sauced is a matte Lt. reddish brown, Low Blow is a matte Lt. brown, Lumbre is a beautiful golden orange shimmer, He Devil is a matte burnt orange, Dirty Talk is a beautiful shimmery rose/orange, Scorched is a great pink/sienna shimmer , Cayenne is a matte sienna, En Fuego is a matte deep sienna/brown, Ashes is a deep brown matte w/plum undertones, Ember is a deep sateen/shimmer bronze.

All of these shadows have great pigmentation, are rich in color (don't really need building up), are beautifully silky smooth to the touch, and are easily applied to the lid without any problems picking up the pigments on a brush.

Just WOW! 😲 This palette has a beautiful exterior packaging that compliments even better pigments on the inside. These colors are amazing. Just stunning and so easy to work with. I didn't have to apply my brush to the pigments too heavily to pick up the color and they easily applied to the eyelid almost like a cream. The colors are so pretty I could easily use this palette on the daily. And because seven out of  twelve shades are matte with a lot of neutral shades, this palette is made to be able to be used for most any occasion...not just special occasion. The UD Naked Heat palette can now be bought...FINALLY 😵
The following are pics of an eye look created with this palette.

If you are a person who loves warm toned eyeshadows, then it's a given that you will fall in love with this UD Naked Heat palette on sight. IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT 😍

The Naked Heat palette can be bought UD Naked Heat Palette now.
 I hope this helps you out on the "to be or not to be" for this new Urban Decay palette.
What is your all time favorite palette?
I would love to hear from you. Be sure to leave your thoughts down in the comment section.
Until next time 👋


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