Francesca's OOTD

I have been loving this Francesca's dress. It pairs well with many things but this day I chose black because it matches the polka dots on the dress and also because this dress is very loose fitting keeping the bottoms fitted looks nice. Here is an overview look of Francesca's polka dot/striped dress, fitted black jeans,

and accessories.

The dress on me:

My jeans are a black skinny jean that are cropped at the bottom. An affordable/cheaper version of blk black cropped skinny jean

The blue/green leather purse is from a boutique on Bainbridge Island in Washington. Alternatives to this purse would be a larger version by Victoria Beckham, a more toned down, better priced, cross body version by Vince Camuto/Lord & Taylor.

Since I love flowers, I added this sunflower to brighten up any outfit. You can get these flowers at craft stores and probably some accessories stores. And A black scarf was added to match the shirt and jeans.

The Francesca's dress is high-round-necked with a single button closure at the neck in back, and cut-out short sleeves. It is blue and white striped with small black polka dots. The sleeves edging is embroidered with little red flowers w/leaves and on the lower left side are embroidered roses with leaves. The material is 100% cotton, the label is Mi Ami. It is well fitted on the neck, and shoulders then starts to flair out. This kind of dress is very comfortable and relaxed in fit.

 This particular dress is sold out but here are some others in this same or similar style, all are short in length.
1. Orange and White Quarter-sleeve Dress, 2. Pale Peach Short-sleeve Ruffle Dress, 3. Embroidered Cold-Shoulder Dress this is a beautiful white dress with flower embroidery from Asos (I may have to get this one for myself 💖

I am loving this outfit and love this loose but put-together kind of styled outfit. This is a fun dress to wear along with being very comfortable...I don't have to worry if anything is slipping.  For footwear I paired it with a some black strappy sandals with gold detail.  High Heeled Sandalssimple Strap Sandals w/gold detail (I need this pair 💕), and strappy Medium-Heeled sandals.

But this could easily be dressed up with some heels, loose fitting trousers, and a small black or red purse. The possibilities really are limitless on how you can style this kind of dress.

Hope this post gives some inspiration and ideas on styling these kinds of dresses. How have you been styling this kind of dress? Do you prefer it dressed down with jeans or more up? What are your ideas/thoughts on this dress style?


  1. I have a few dresses and blouses with this cutout style. Even if you want to be covered they can easily be paired with solid light weight shirts which adds a little more to the outfit. I buy them oversized so they can be a slouchy fit and look more relaxed.


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