Tarte Clay Foundation Stick Review

Does the Tarte Clay Stick Foundation work well or is it just hyped up? Tarte foundation can be found at Ulta, Sephora, Tarte web page and many other retailers. The foundation stick comes in a small tube gold and brown tube embellished with a little design at the top portion.

It comes in 12 shades ranging from Fair Baige (which is quite fair with what seems to be a pink undertone) and Rich honey (which looks to be a fairly dark with a reddish undertone). Straight off I would say the range could stand to add a few more shades in lighter, medium, and darker tones. There seems to be large differences between the shades especially once you get to the medium tones and dark tones.

For anyone who has never tried a foundation stick before...it kind of feels like you're swiping a thick lipstick onto your face πŸ’‹.  The Tarte Foundation Stick says it is a full coverage foundation (and buildable), balances your skin (hydrates or mattifies depending on skin type), and keeps your skin "shine and cake-free". I have fairly normal skin, no breakouts, but sometimes a little dry in places. After a week of trying this foundation... applying it with a beauty blender, foundation flat-top and angled brush, and even my fingers... πŸ‘€πŸ’¦It went a little something like this.

Days 1-2: Morning time using a beauty blender- Wow! This seems pretty thick, but OMG I can't even feel it on my face 😁, it looks great and is going on so nice and smooth. Let's put on a second layer and see just how buildable and full coverage it is. Not full coverage but it still looks good. Three hours later...it still looks good but is it my imagination or has it kind of broken up and come off my nose?? Another hour later "yep, it's no longer really on my nose" and I could swear my jaw line is starting to look a bit naked. By the six and a half hours of wearing the clay foundation stick (on a hot and sweaty day) I was ready to wash my face free of all makeup. So did my foundation stick around for the full 6 1/2 hours....well...kind of.

Days 3-5: Using a foundation brush- Okay, lets see if  a brush works better for applying the foundation and helping with longevity. Nice! I'm really liking how light weight this foundation feels on my skin and it blends beautifully. Three hours later...Really! Now I know my nose had foundation on it. how can it just disappear?! πŸ‘» Plus my pores on my nose looked cakey/oily...Don't ask how you can achieve both at the same time. By hour six I was done. Once again my jaw was missing its foundation and so were parts of my nose. Now I know I wasn't crazy because I made sure to take a makeup wipe and check...Yup, it was gone. I don't touch my jaw throughout the day but I do touch my nose, soooo I don't know.

Days 6-7: Using fingers for foundation application - Well long story short using my fingers for this foundation was a bloody disaster😈 won't be trying that again. So I switched over to using a really dense foundation brush from It Cosmetics ...that usually makes things better πŸ‘. With the dense brush and using a circular motion, the foundation applied the best it has all week of working with it. It looks great. After five hours of wearing it the foundation is still on my face and...wait for it...it still looks good!🌟YAY!!!

Final thoughts: While this particular Tarte foundation stick had been a bit of a struggle. One great thing I can say is that regardless of how much I hated what it looked like in person, after wearing it for hours it still looks great in pictures. This is one of those foundations that seems perfect for films and pictures if you want to look fairly flawless.
After a full week of wearing the Tarte Clay Stick Foundation I can say it has potential to be great, but to me it still needs a little work.  This foundation does not seem to play well with others. I tried it with Too Faced Primed & Poreless Pure primer (that didn't work well, it just seemed to make it harder for the foundation to stick to my face). I also tried Becca Backlight Priming Filter (that didn't work well though it was better than the Too Faced primer). Finally I just used the foundation without anything on my face (including no hydration added before application) and that seemed to work out beautifully. I'm thinking in order for this foundation to work properly it needs completely bare skin, but it still transfers easily.

Overall this is a foundation formula you should try out for yourself. I can see it easily looking a bit cakey or settling into the skin if you have much texture or dryness to your skin. It does seem to want to settle more into the skin rather than sitting on top. This is more of a light to medium coverage foundation, not medium to full coverage as it claims. Even without having much to cover up I could see that the foundation was not full coverage. It's a love hate relationship I have with it right now. When it disappears from my nose, I still don't know how that is possible 😡. It easily transfers, so don't touch your face once your makeup is done or it will leave.  But, it looks so good on camera and when it plays well with your face it's just perfect πŸ’–. Will I keep it? πŸ’­ Now that I see how well it works on just bare skin....

Have you tried out the Tarte Clay Foundation Stick? How did you like it?


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